The Most Bizarre and Uncomfortable Dinner Party I’ve Ever Attended

I was invited for dinner not long ago with two women 25 years my senior. They are different nationalities to me and to each other, but one of them speaks English. I didn’t know them well, but I accepted the invitation because I thought what is life if it’s not about experiencing new things? If…

Cafés in Japan: The Scandinavian Show Home or Your Dead Grandma’s Kitchen

These are the two categories. There’s no in between. (I’m leaving out the maid/robot/animal themed cafes of Tokyo. That’s a whole other thing.) So you’ve got to do your research. But that doesn’t mean taking Google maps’ descriptions as gospel. ‘Café’ does not necessarily mean an establishment that remotely resembles Starbucks in any way. But…

Things You Shouldn’t Do in Japan: Say ‘You’

I don’t know if people are aware of this but sometimes things are different in different cultures. WHAT? I don’t – Yep. For example in Japan, using the word ‘you’ in conversation can be rude. Seriously?! What do you MEAN? In the event that you need to direct a question at someone UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES…


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