Managing Buffet Expectations

Hotel breakfast buffet

Usually when I hear the words ‘buffet breakfast’ a warm glow radiates throughout my body. And they know this in India. They know that people like me will see those words, go into trance and be ready to dish out any amount of money. But it’s important to remember that not all buffet breakfasts are created equal. And if you neglect to remember this you only have yourself to blame when your soul is crushed as you are confronted with toast and 2 bowls of browning salads. This is my hostel’s offering in Jaipur. SALADS AT BREAKFAST. To be fair there’s also cornflakes but whatever. Fans of toast and jam also need to lower their fruity spread expectations in India. Jam here is luminous pink with a taste so wrong and confusing it’s hard to not lose the sense of who you are. It’s essentially melted down gummy bears.

2 thoughts on “Managing Buffet Expectations

  1. OMG the jam. What a MISTAKE that was. The best breakfast are the ones where they have eggs in some format (preferably with spice on top, maybe it was cumin?), or the pancakes. Living the american dream in india.


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