What India lacks in hostel buffet breakfasts, it makes up for in insanely good food elsewhere…  Some of the delights I have sampled so far:

Indian almond tea with honey
Almond tea (ground almonds in a porridge-like consistency) with honey and lemon zest
Butter paneer masala with cumin rice and chappati
Butter paneer masala with zeera (cumin) rice and chappati
Egg dosa with onion and tomato
Egg dosa with tomato and onion
Chana masala with rice
Chana (chickpea) masala and rice
Cheese and tomato filled dosa
Cheese and mushroom dosa
Slices of Goan bebinca
Bebinca – an Indo-Portugese pudding made with ghee, egg, flour, sugar and coconut milk

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