Delhi to Palolem

Palms and huts Palolem beach Goa

I stay in Palolem in South Goa which is apparently less hedonistic than the north but still has bars (I read: less 18 year old English, pissed dickheads and hippy tossers showing off their sweet fire poi skillz). It’s an absolute dream after the madness of Delhi and Jaipur. I hope I feel like that because it’s really beautiful and relaxed and not because it’s slightly more westernised and I feel safer when I see other Westerners… Probs a bit of both though I’m loathed to admit it.

I have my own room in this hostel too which, despite the damp and the mosquitos, literally feels like the height of luxury. I eat that night at a candlelit table in a nice beachfront restaurant surrounded by laughing couples and families. I’m the only one eating alone. Oh no wait, there’s a guy next to me, about 30 stone, 60 years old, gobbling what looks like a trifle. So apart from him, I am the only one. And so, given all of this, I feel a little sad but then I remember I can eat my squid and prawn chilli fry with greedy abandon, like my neighbour, with no interruptions and no judgement. So, every cloud.

Spicy seafood chilli fry with paratha in Goa
Romantic, candlelit prawn and squid chilli fry for one

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