Midnight Express: How to Not Take Trains in Southern India.

As seems to be a consistent theme during my India trip, locating trains is like playing Escape Rooms, but I don’t know if that’s India’s fault or my easily confused mush-brain. When I do find the correct Kochi-bound train, I choose to impractically squeeze through the inside of the narrow, busy carriages with my giantContinue reading “Midnight Express: How to Not Take Trains in Southern India.”

Crabs Legs, Churches and The Religious Funfair

In my hostel I share my dorm with 3 other girls, one from Bangalore, one from Canada and the Finnish girl. We chat about each other’s lives and it’s all very innocent and wholesome. Any minute now I think, someone will get out facemasks or start a pillow fight. That day I walk around PanjimContinue reading “Crabs Legs, Churches and The Religious Funfair”

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

Post Leopard Valley, The Emily Bratt Hangover is real. And have to check out of my hut at 11am (I am travelling to Panjim). Then I am homeless with periodical waves of nausea washing over me. It’s catastrophic. I switch between lying fetal on a sun lounger and sitting mute in a café sweating intoContinue reading “Long Day’s Journey Into Night”